Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today, I would like to share to all of you the knowledge I got from Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD). Till now, I already learned some bioinformatics tools for instance Merops, ClustalX and BLAST. Protein Database and NCBI websites are very useful to learn the basic steps of CADD. Actually, CADD is one of the branches of bioinformatics. As information, bioinformatics is the application of information technology and computer science to the field of molecular biology. Bioinformatics tools are the powerful software that may aid us to apply on those prospects.

So, let’s start our journey of CADD..
Firstly, we have to know how to obtain the protein’s sequence of desired microorganism. We have to apply MEROPS which is a peptidase databases which enable us to find out the protein (amino acid) sequences, its active site and its domain. In order to get the similarity of the sequences or highly conserved sequences with other peptidase, BLAST will do it for you.



On the further step, we can align the used sequence using ClustalX which can be viewed in TreeView. By aligning the sequence, we can have classification, hierarchy and phylogeny of the organism.

After that, let’s get to know about Artemis. What is Artemis? It is a genome viewer and annotation tool that allows visualization of sequence features and the results of analysis within the context of the sequence, and its six-frame translation.
At last, we able to view the sequence in 3D form by using Rasmol/Raswin.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final Year Project...

Mice, Malaria and Me…Those three words symbolize my final year project. My project entitled The use of Guava leaf extract as antimalaria substance in mice. My project aims to prove whether the Guava leaf can be a remedy for malaria fever. Malaria fever is caused by the blood protozoa called plasmodium. In this project, I am using Plasmodium berghei. Vector for this protozoon is Anopheles mosquito or nyamuk tiruk in Malay. I have to infect the mice with the plasmodium which I got from UKM. Regarding the extraction, I have to filter the maceration of Guava leaf extract and after that, I should freeze dried the filtered solution. The product of the freeze dried will be diluted in distilled water for certain dose based o the weight of mice. In this study, I allocate 5 groups for treatment which consist of positive control, negative control, pre infection treatment, simultaneous infection with treatment and post infection treatment. I will update my final year project’s info later…(^-^)

Journey of Life...

I am Redzuan Nul Hakim b. Abdul Razak. I was born in Kuantan on 8th August 1986. I am the son of Abdul Razak b. Abd Rahman and Khalijah bt. Kasim. I have 3 siblings and i am the second. I am the only brother in my siblings. I started my early education at TABIKA KEMAS in Beserah. My primary school was Sekolah Kebangsaan Beserah and my secondary school was Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Ihsan in Kuantan. My tertiary study started at Centre of Foundation Study, IIUM. I was there for 2 years and continue my undergraduate study in Biomedical Science in IIUM Gombak campus. In second semester, I moved to IIUM Kuantan since our Kulliyyah got the new buildings there. Now, I am in the final semester of my final year. I have about 4 months more to complete my undergraduate study. I am taking Clinical and Pharmaceutical concentration. This semester I have to focus on my final year project which is one of the requirements to graduate. To know more about my final year project, move to the next post…(^-^)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to my blog!!!

Today (December 4, 4.40 p.m.)is a history in my life because i am officially becoming a blogger..That's all for my first entry.I will post the next entry as soon as possible..Stay tuned~...