Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final Year Project...

Mice, Malaria and Me…Those three words symbolize my final year project. My project entitled The use of Guava leaf extract as antimalaria substance in mice. My project aims to prove whether the Guava leaf can be a remedy for malaria fever. Malaria fever is caused by the blood protozoa called plasmodium. In this project, I am using Plasmodium berghei. Vector for this protozoon is Anopheles mosquito or nyamuk tiruk in Malay. I have to infect the mice with the plasmodium which I got from UKM. Regarding the extraction, I have to filter the maceration of Guava leaf extract and after that, I should freeze dried the filtered solution. The product of the freeze dried will be diluted in distilled water for certain dose based o the weight of mice. In this study, I allocate 5 groups for treatment which consist of positive control, negative control, pre infection treatment, simultaneous infection with treatment and post infection treatment. I will update my final year project’s info later…(^-^)

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  1. You should have included the information about the natural remedy of Malaria also. Consuming Pure Noni Juice several times can enhance your immune system and put down the fever. I hope you will get good marks in your final year project.